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Cum Play Hot, Wet, and Nasty!

K & G Phonegirls Do it Best!

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Cum Play With the Sexy Phonegirls of K & G!
Santa Rosa
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This community was created by and for the saucy phonegirls of K & G and all of our hot playmates and boy toys. New to the K & G sites? Check out our main page; with 10+ of the naughtiest, sexiest girls all together, there's someone fun and erotic for everyone!

We are a strictly pay-to-play phone site, but that doesn't mean we don't love a little casual chat every once in a while; cum on in, pull up a cushion, and get to know us...we'll take care of everything. :)

Community moderator is carnal_corinne. Most community posts are friends only, so while you may find a little bit just by browsing through, you have to join to be a part of what's *really* going on (and maybe even catch wind of some super secret LJ-members-only site specials!).

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